The emotional power of packaging and its influence on the strategies.

I always say that line supermarket checkouts is a strategic approach to assessing the different socio-economic profiles point. Just look what consumers expect to be catered buy, to draw conclusions about their remarkable lives: that person is married, that other has a high economic power, this one here is preparing a family party, beyond the love the barbecues with friends, and we could continue to develop guesses based on what we observe. Many things can be deduced simply paying attention to the products that each customer carry in your cart. It is that different containers not only speak for themselves, but they also speak to those who carry. Sophisticated, fun, tasty, healthy; hundreds of graphics (colors, fonts, structures, steaks, etc.) applied they become the voice of the manufacturers; expressing not only a literal description of the product but implicitly convey emotional or aspirational values ​​that make consumers catch. It happens that the action of buying / selling has evolved to the point that today “emotions” sell, “lifestyles”, “experience” and, indeed, that is what can be seen along the shelves.

The packaging design is one of the most complete branches of our profession, since each application involving complex challenges from industrial design to photography, from illustration to advertising from editorial design to typography or hide naming. If to this we add the various underlying strategies, we could say that the complexity is high and we are facing pieces that deserve to be respected and measures in their proper perspective.

There are, in my view, four fundamental aspects when assessing the effectiveness of a package:

The impact and recognition capability.
The argument of benefit (rational factor).
Identification (emotional factor).
Motivation purchase.

Each of this simplifies the creative process as both acquisition, allowing us to understand why the market leaders have changed their conception of this specialty, the point of creating specific areas that address these problems. For a package to be acquired, it is essential to draw attention and is at that point that “impact” is a very important factor. It is obtained through a breach of the provisions; ie appeal to visual resources denoting a distinction in relation to traditional codes that each category of products judged as “the correccto”. Out of what everyone expects to see in a retail outlet, but in turn be understood and desired is perhaps one of the most notable challenges that we face.

But of course stand would be meaningless if who is shaken by the visual fails to understand why it has been mobilized. That comes into play “argument” of the profit, that is, the correct and straightforward message expressing emission differential of a product. A proper wording, a distribution designed areas of information, an effective compositional structure, will result in a clear and adequate stimulus to the strategic goals.

Of course, it would be too simplistic proyectual if despojaramos of feelings, memories, everything that conscious and unconscious that takes us to our ideal living condition. That’s why “identification” is added to the other two factors and provides a very important element that helps the consumer to purchase the product with pride, to feel it and want to show it to own peers. Remember, if we talk about mass products, packaging coexist with the user for most of their day. Keeps in his cupboard, puts them in his allowance, deposits them in your refrigerator, and that move together through life, is gaining strength and emotional fire melts in the consumer’s mind.

But this mercantilist society that crossed all boils down to one thing: “gain” and that is why that “buying motivation” is the final ingredient of this formula that gives life to the ideal package. You could say that the purchase motivation is a combination of the above three aspects (profit / understanding / aspirational) but sumándoles rational arguments.

Ultimately, it is up to the companies pay particular attention to this area of ​​design because proper design and operation can help to give life to new business opportunities or increase those already implemented. Today a container is far from naive, its value may become even above the value of the product it contains. If you design it with expertise you can open a world of business opportunities that they can not be ignored.

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